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(1) we publish your ads in www.adkhabar.com in language of English / Gujarati / Hindi only text format. The client has to send their ads by filling form on listing page.

(2) The ads will be published in maximum three working days after receiving from the clients. We will inform the clients about their ads published, by e-mail or SMS. The client can view their ads by inserting their, occupation, company name or search by city in the search box.

(3) We charge as per plan in mention on our pricing page. Then we will charge INR Rs. 5/- more per word. The definition of the Word is equally to five characters. We will charge as above for future correction also. The ads. will be published for as per plan.

(4) Advertises should be sent by filling form on Listing page. The content will be verified. The payment will be accepted through digital media like Net banking, Paytm, NEFT etc. Advertises will be published after receiving full payment.

(5) This website is strictly follows the rules, regulations of internet community, information technology act and related all the legal matters so, if any advertise is against rule or the matter is not proper, we have right to change or cancel the advertise.

(6) We do not publish the matter mentioned below or any other matter which the laws do not permit. (I) Personal Matrimonial (II) attractive schemes (III) Collection of funds (IV) Ads for Tantrik vidya, mesmerism (V) Smoking Products (VI) Adult material (VII) Appointing Ladies staff (VIII) Prohibited material, etc.

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(Update dt. 01-01-2021)