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TimesPro, New York Institute of Finance collaborate to launch Professional Certificate in Wealth Management

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 Banking and finance professionals will gain a plethora of new-age skills required to excel in a globalised economy NEW DELHI, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TimesPro, a Higher EdTech leader and the prestigious New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) have strategically collaborated to launch the Professional Certificate in Wealth Management to equip the next generation of financial advisors with specialised expertise, offering cutting-edge learning modules guided by highly renowned academicians and industry experts. Wealth management has become increasingly vital in today’s complex financial landscape, with individuals and families seeking expert guidance to navigate their financial goals and secure their financial future. The TimesPro and NYIF collaboration aims to address this growing demand for skilled wealth managers by offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this dynamic industry. The three-month Professional Certificate in Wealth Management is contextually designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of wealth management practices and enable working professionals in the field of BFSI, more specifically, Wealth Management to meet their career objectives. They will learn a plethora of financial modules like Wealth Accumulation, Preservation, Distribution, Hedge Funds Commodity and Energy Markets, Relationship Management, etc. within the context of the Indian and global financial framework while cultivating skills to foster client relationships. Key programme highlights include: Comprehensive Curriculum: The programme will provide in-depth knowledge of wealth management principles, incorporating the latest industry trends and best practices.Practical Insights: Learners will gain practical experience through real-world case studies, hands-on exercises, and interactive sessions with industry experts.Global Perspective: With NYIF’s global reach, learners will be exposed to international perspectives and global market dynamics, enhancing their ability to serve diverse clients.Networking Opportunities: The programme will facilitate networking opportunities with industry professionals, enabling students to build valuable connections within the wealth management community.Career Advancement: Professionals will be well-equipped to pursue careers in wealth management, private banking, financial advisory, and related fields.According to reports, wealth management firms are accelerating hiring across India amidst a surge in high-net-worth individuals in the country spanning across Tier II & III regions. Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2022 indicated that in 2021 the top Asia Pacific contributors to the ultra-HNWI population were India and Taiwan. The demand for money managers has increased due to an upbeat private equity and venture capital investment trend and the emergence of a new breed of millionaires who require customised wealth management planning. A UBS Global study reported women investors are highly unsatisfied with current financial advice and planning, and research indicated that wealth management firms should go beyond their rigid sphere and look to wealth management models inclusive of IQ & EQ. Speaking about the launch, Anish Srikrishna, CEO, TimesPro said, “TimesPro’s collaboration with the New York Institute of Finance for the Professional Certificate in Wealth Management represents a paradigm shift in financial advisory education. This transformative approach will not only empower advisors with specialised skills but also elevate their ability to cultivate strong client relationships and offer comprehensive financial solutions that align with client goals and aspirations.” Jack Farmer, Academic Director, New York Institute of Finance said, “We are thrilled to partner with TimesPro in launching the Professional Certificate in Wealth Management. The Professional Certificate in Wealth Management program represents a significant step toward addressing the growing demand for wealth management expertise in India and aligns with the changing dynamics of the financial services industry. It promises to be an invaluable resource for individuals looking to advance their careers and make a meaningful impact in the world of finance. We encourage prospective learners to seize this opportunity and embark on a journey of professional growth and success.” It will also provide learners with a comprehensive knowledge of Personal Financial Management, Goal-Based Planning, Investment Strategies, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, Tax optimisation and regulations governing lending in India and the United States.   The programme will offer a blended learning experience, combining online self-paced content from NYIF with interactive virtual sessions conducted by TimesPro’s esteemed faculty. This dual approach ensures a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for participants, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of both institutions. Learners will also receive a joint certification from NYIF and TimesPro on the successful completion of the programme. The Professional Certificate in Wealth Management programme is open for registration. Prospective learners seeking to advance their careers in wealth management can find more information and register on the TimesPro website. About New York Institute of Finance: The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF), founded in 1922 by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is a leading global educational institution with a legacy rooted directly in the history of the New York financial securities industry. Over the past century, NYIF has remained at the forefront of designing, developing, and delivering world-class training programs that offer practical, ready-to-apply, outcome-oriented skills to executives and professionals worldwide. Headquartered in the heart of Wall Street, NYIF provides a comprehensive range of over 800 financial and business courses, including more than 100 professional certificates. These courses cover various areas such as investment banking, securities, funds, insurance, derivatives, trusts, asset management, wealth management, fintech, DeFi, sustainable finance, ESG, and green finance. NYIF alumni network includes over 1.5 million elite finance professionals from more than 120 countries, working in major financial institutions and businesses worldwide. Notable individuals who have benefited from NYIF’s education include Warren Buffet, the well-known investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and Benjamin Graham, the respected economist and professor known as the “father of value investing,” who was a prominent faculty member at NYIF. About TimesPro: TimesPro, established in 2013, is a leading Higher EdTech platform dedicated to empowering the career growth of aspiring learners by equipping them with skills to rise in a competitive world. TimesPro’s H. EdTech programmes are created to meet the rapidly changing industry requirements and have been blended with technology to make them accessible & affordable. TimesPro offers a variety of created and curated learning programmes across a range of categories, industries, and age groups. They include employment-oriented early career programmes across BFSI, e-commerce, and technology sectors; executive education for working professionals in collaboration with premier educational institutions like IIMs and IITs; and organisational learning and development interventions at the corporate level. TimesPro also collaborates with India’s leading organisations across varied sectors to provide upskilling and reskilling solutions to boost employability and create a robust workforce. TimesPro is a Higher EdTech initiative by the Times of India Group. Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2272094/Professional_Certificate_in_Wealth_Management.jpg     View original content to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/in/news-releases/timespro-new-york-institute-of-finance-collaborate-to-launch-professional-certificate-in-wealth-management-301982864.html




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