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How to take photos on Instagram without it looking Messy

How to take photos on Instagram without it looking messy is a useful ( also learn Why Can’t i Make a Discord Account ) trick for every virtual believer. Especially those who want their Instagram page to be sparkling and leave a lot of impressions for followers.

How to take photos on Instagram without it looking Messy

For those who like to connect, take photos or show off photos, Instagram is a great platform. Facebook’s “brother” application owns a large number of users because of its divine features that help users comfortably “unleash”. In particular, it is necessary to mention the feature of taking photos with many filters and extremely modern editing tools.

However, to get really sparkling photos with this application, you still need to pocket a few useful tips. How to take Instagram without blur is one of them. If you are not sure how to get “magical” photos like the “hot accounts” on Insta, do not forget to refer to the following useful information.

 Instructions on how to take photos on Instagram without being Messy

Many check-in followers are experiencing blurred Instagram photos. Some others face the error of uploading photos on Instagram Stories that are blurred , not clear, causing undue discomfort.

The cause of this condition can lie in the phone, but sometimes it can also stem from the Instagram app. So, to take sharp pictures on this app, you need:

Clean the phone camera. You should try taking pictures using the default camera app on your device. If this photo is also blurred, it means that there is a problem with the phone. Conversely, if only photos taken with Instagram are blurred, the “culprit” is the famous application.

Next, you should Restart your phone. In case the image is still not as sharp as desired, please delete the Instagram application and proceed to download this application again from the beginning.

 When taking a photo, you need to hold the phone steady and make sure it focuses successfully. In addition, the sharpness of the image also depends on the “genuine” of the camera on the device as well as the brightness of the background. Therefore, try to take pictures in a well-lit place.

 How to post on Instagram Story without breaking

Many people when posting photos or videos to Instagram Stories experience broken or blurred. With this situation, you can fix it with the following tricks:

If you post an existing photo or video, make sure the photo or video is of good quality. If you are not confident about the quality of the “product”, you should use editing software to “edit” more of your photos.
When posting a Story, you need to make sure that the network connection on your computer is stable. Because if the Internet connection is intermittent or too weak, photos or videos are often broken.

How to take pictures with stickers on Instagram

Taking photos with lovely and funny stickers is the feature that makes Instagram unique. The beautiful photography stickers on Instagram include We bare bears, Doodle heart, Sick but happy, Sky Wongravee, etc. These stickers will make the photos on Insta more interesting.

How to take pictures with stickers on Instagram is quite simple. You just:

You open the Instagram application. At the main interface of the application, click on the Cameraiconin the upper left corner.
At the photography interface, you will see a series of effects with a circle icon. You can choose from the available effects. Or else, you swipe to the right to find the last item,Browse effects. Here, click on the search icon and enter the name of the effect you need.

Finally, once you have selected the effect, you can try it out or download it. Your photos and videos will come with stickers of each effect. Allows you to freely express your own style.

Above are a few ways to take photos on Instagram without messy. Along with a few tips to help you get the most out of the photography feature on this app. If you know better tricks. Do not forget to share by commenting below the article.

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