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Fitterfly’s Reimagining Diabetes Care Report 2024: Growing Adoption and Better Health Outcomes with Digital Therapeutics

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89% of members achieved a 1.5% reduction in HbA1C, comparable to results from standard two-drug regimen

MUMBAI, India, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As India grapples with a diabetes epidemic, Fitterfly, a leading ISO-13485 certified digital therapeutics company with clinically-proven programs, releases its comprehensive report, ‘Reimagining Diabetes Care 2024‘. This study showcases the data from the Fitterfly Diabetes prime program across 2023 and the critical role digital therapies now play in empowering people to effectively manage diabetes.


Key Findings:

  • Diabetes likes company: A staggering 77% of individuals with diabetes also have coexisting conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure or kidney issues.
  • Digital adoption gains momentum: 14% of Fitterfly members opted for digital therapeutics as their first line of treatment before starting pills, a 15% increase from the previous year, showcasing growing adoption.
  • Early intervention holds promise: 50% of members were diagnosed within the last five years making them eligible to achieve complete diabetes remission with the right approach.
  • Physician confidence surges: Over 600 doctors nationwide prescribed Fitterfly DTx to their patients, showing the role of digital therapeutics as a valuable tool in the diabetes care toolkit.
  • Clinically-proven outcomes: An impressive 89% of members using Fitterfly programs achieved a 1.5% reduction in HbA1C, comparable to results from standard two-drug regimens, signifying the efficacy of digital interventions.
  • Improved glycemic control: Time spent ‘in range’ with healthy blood sugar levels as measured by CGM device increased by 7% within just seven days of program commencement, showcasing the quick win and rapid impact of digital therapies.
  • Healthier eating habits: 50000+ meal logs with ‘PGR scores’ (a Fitterfly innovation) were analyzed and the impact of nutritionist guidance after 14 days of CGM sensor application showcased a 30% decrease in unhealthy meals and a 20% increase in healthy ones.

Dr. Arbinder Singal, CEO of Fitterfly, quoted, “With every passing year we are seeing an increasing adoption and better outcomes of diabetes digital therapies in new age Indians. At Fitterfly, we are investing in customer centric innovations like AI Nutrition coaching and DTx plug-in for insurers, aggregators, pharma companies and hospitals towards a large impact and our vision of helping 1 billion people get better health outcomes in the next 10 years.”

Fitterfly offers a comprehensive, personalized program which includes 1:1 nutritional guidance, CGM-sensor based personalized meal plans, tailored support for fitness, stress and sleep management. The habit-building approach ensures people develop healthy habits they can follow for life.

Dr. Sanjay Kalra, Endocrinologist at Bharti Hospital, Karnal, Vice President of South Asian Federation of Endocrine societies, Past President of Endocrine Society of India speaks about DTx, “Fitterfly allows me to offer comprehensive education, counseling and support, along with appropriate medication, monitoring and mentorship for my patients. It allows the patient to access information in a non-intrusive manner, as per their needs, wishes and preferences.”

The report emphasizes the need for better integration of digital therapeutics into standard diabetes care protocols, clear guidelines and frameworks for the safe and efficient use of digital therapeutics in diabetes care and other recommendations for multiple healthcare stakeholders in the diabetes care ecosystem.  This approach also known as primary or first line of therapy has shown to lower cost of therapy and even insurance claims while boosting productivity in the western countries.

Shailesh Gupta, COO and co-founder, Fitterfly said, “Digital therapeutics is poised to become the first line of therapy across the world and India is no exception. We are working on several projects which will make these therapies affordable to all people with diabetes irrespective of economic strata.”

Fitterfly’s Reimagining Diabetes Care report provides compelling evidence for the adoption, efficacy and potential of digital therapeutics in curbing the diabetes epidemic and improving the lives of millions. For further details about the demographic of individuals embracing DTx, the clinical outcomes across nutrition, fitness, stress and sleep management, Fitterfly’s upcoming innovations and more, access the complete report. 

About Fitterfly:

Fitterfly is a healthtech company working in the area of metabolic health offering outcome focussed digital therapeutic programs for conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Founded in 2016 by Dr Arbinder Singal and Shailesh Gupta, Fitterfly has over 300 employees and is headquartered in Mumbai. The Fitterfly management team comprises senior doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, psychologists, management experts and technologists working together with the sole aim of preventing, reversing and managing metabolic health conditions such as prediabetes, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease thereby increasing quality of life and health for people.

Fitterfly has presented and published more than 50+ abstracts and papers on outcomes and impact of technology in disease management. Apart from path breaking research, Fitterfly has won several coveted awards in startup and healthcare arena such as Economic Times Healthtech startup of the years 2022, Zee News healthtech startup of the year 2022, Global Digital Health award 2022, RSSDI award for innovation in diabetes 2021, Medix Healthtech challenge 2021 and Healthtech Startup of the Year 2021 by Entrepreneur. Fitterfly has so far raised a total of $16.6 million from marquee investors. The last funding round of 12 Mn USD was led by Amazon with participation from existing investors – Fireside Ventures, 9 Unicorns, and Venture Catalysts.

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