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Alexander Junge in the SHIFT Mobility interview

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To stop global warming, we need to take various measures. The decarbonization of mobility is an important part of the jigsaw.

According to Alexander Junge, Member of the Executive Board of Aral AG, we will achieve decarbonization by changing our mobility behavior. In our interview, Alexander explains the role of EV chargers and why bureaucracy is a major challenge for the expansion of EV chargers.

As bp pulse’s GM Central Europe Alex leads the team which builds and runs the EV charging business of bp pulse and Aral pulse in Germany and other Central European countries. The business includes charging on the go at Aral sites and at other destinations and a fleet depot charging solutions offer. Soon residential charging solutions will be added to it.

Alex has a broad experience. Before his current role Alex was Global Director, Advanced Mobility Services and took care of future mobility topics like the advent of autonomous cars and their impact on bp’s business.

What will happen if we don´t shift our mobility behaviour?

AJ: To stop global warming, we need to take various measures. The decarbonization of mobility is an important part of the jigsaw. bp Group and AraI AG are currently reinventing themselves and want to become net zero companies by 2050 at the latest.

What do we have to radically invent, improve or change to realize the turnaround in transport policy?

AJ: Transport policy should be more open to different technologies. There isn’t just one way to reach the target. E.g. in Europe transport policy pushes battery electrical vehicles very much. Certain Asian countries are more open to fuel cell electrical vehicles. It would be helpful if policy defined targets but refrained from decreeing the way to reach the target. The industry is typically best placed to work out the most efficient way to reach the target.

What is the most hyped buzzword in terms of mobility which has in your opinion no impact on the real issues of mobility?

AJ: I don’t think there is any such buzzword. They all have some meaning and some impact.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mobility”?

AJ: EV charging at Aral stations.

If you were able to use only ONE mobility solution for the rest of your life – what mobility solution would you choose?

AJ: A Boat – I’m a rower. That’s carbon neutral.

Why is your topic fundamentally important to shape the future of mobility?

AJ: EV charging needs to be ultrafast. Then people will start to love EVs. That’s why my topic is important.

What do you think which technology will play a big role – if not the biggest role – in shaping the future of mobility?

AJ: I personally think that Megawatt charging will play a key role in shaping the future of mobility.

What is the greatest mobility challenge for Aral and for your sector industry?

AJ: It is the bureaucracy that is hindering rapid deployment of EV chargers.

Legal requirements, money, ideas, skills – what is needed the most in your sector in terms of future mobility and why?

AJ: We need less bureaucracy and faster approvals to deploy charging infrastructure. To wait for planning permission for up to two years is unbearable.

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